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The Experience

‘Living room’ 

The Tallus brand is about nature, natural surroundings, space and room to move, young and growing families. It is about being involved and active, and casual, easy going comfort. Wandering through the trails in the wetlands and walking up the mountain paths behind. Playing a round of golf and riding bikes. It is busy and yet has space. It is a true neighbourhood with room to grow and room to breath. Views of lakes and backyard mountains. It is close and yet miles away. Tallus Ridge is about being home.

‘Living room.’ works for Tallus Ridge on a number of levels.

Breaking it down to it simplest form, the word ‘living’ is active and engaging. It suggests being involved and doing things and being a part of life.

Tallus Ridge has the feeling of large properties and natural spaces. Homes with areas to move, where people can stretch out and feel comfortable with space between them and their neighbour. ‘Room to live’ would be an appropriate description for this, but as a tagline it is more common and expected. As a component of the tagline ‘room’ is used to suggest the space that is such an integral part of the Tallus Ridge experience.

The most common meaning for living room defines it as a central, common room in a home where people gather for general and informal everyday use. By using this term in coordination with Tallus Ridge, it suggests home and gives the audience an immediate understanding that the product offering is for a residential neighbourhood. It also provides the audience with a clue to the personality of the development – that it will be comfortable, unpretentious, approachable and homey.

‘Living room.’ is strong as a tagline in that it relates to the product offering (residences) and expresses character traits of the development (comfortable, natural spaces). Living room, has a nice modern, casual sound. It is simple, easy to understand, and as a twist on a common term, it is memorable and provides a cheeky ‘aha – twinkle’ for the audience to enjoy and appreciate.