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Who We Support

Girl Guides of Canada


Spring 2016, Tallus Ridge is proud to become a sponsor of the Girl Guides of Canada this year. A number of girls and their chaperones walked the Tallus neighbourhood this Spring in efforts to keep the streets clean of  any garbage or debris that may have scattered around due to windy conditions. This will be an ongoing partnership moving forward with Tallus and we are excited to having our neighborhood clean and tidy for the residents who live here as well as support a great cause here in West Kelowna.


Earth Day


Over 60 students from Shannon Lake Elementary spent the morning of Earth Day in the fields of Tallus Ridge. Despite the spring wind and slight chill, they were happy to collect hundreds of indigenous plants for an interpretive trail they are creating at the school.

Together with an Environmental Consultant and Landscape Architect, specific plants were selected and marked for removal – plants that otherwise would have simply been cleared to make way for a future phase of development. This means that not only will these plants thrive, but they will offer the students of Shannon Lake Elementary the opportunity to learn about native plant species in a very engaging way.

The exercise was a great success and both the school and development plan to repeat the program next year as the trail will take a few years to complete.


Community Event – Easter Egg HunteasterEggHunt

A community event took place on Easter Sunday and families and children scoured the area, chocolate and smiles were everywhere to be found.


West Kelowna Warriors


Tallus Ridge is a proud supporter of the West Kelowna Warriors with annual financial contributions and centre ice sponsorships.


If you are a member of the community who has a neighbourhood inclusive initiative or event you would like to make happen, reach out to us.